we need to pick one of instructional design  model to guide us for the next tasks thats is teaching aids. There been 6 steps that will guide us when  we do the tasks. There is ASSURE. The topic that we will teach is acid and base.

we need to do the learning aids base on what we will teach in the class. Here is some of the lesson plan and our objective in the class.

subject: chemistry

topic :acid and base

learning objective:

  1. To state the meaning the acid and base
  2. To differentiate the physical properties of acid and base
  3. To State the use of acid and base in daily life

some of the guide from ASSURE model.

A Analysis learner:

the form 4 student,pasive and lack of social interaction.

S State objective:

Next is we need to state the objective for the learning process. After we have analyze the student we need to state the objective base on the their level.

The fourth student will be able to state the meaning of acid and base and will be able to differentiate the acid and base in their daily life.

S Select the instructional method,media and material.

The method that we will use is the lecture,experimental and group work. The teacher will demostrated the experiment and the student will doing the same experiment with their group using the apparatus and material that been provided to them.

The teacher will provided soap,oranges,toothpaste, coffee and lime juices,litmus paper, and pH meter for the xperiment.

Then we use the transperacy paper to show the different level of acid and base to the student. Mind map is using to differentiate the aciod and base properties using the cardbod.

U utilize the media and material

Before we use the material and apparatus  in the laboratory we need to make sure that the material and apparatus functional well.  In order to make sure the teaching going smooth and clear.

The OHP we use is functional well so that the learning process will run smoothly.

R Require a learner participation

the learning and teaching process is the best  when the student give their participation in the class.

when we doing the experiment  the student need to give all cooperation in the experiment to make the experimental success. by asking the question also will make the stdent involve in the class.

E Evaluate and revise

After the teaching and learning process we need to evaluate and revise the process. Evaluate the method that we use eitheir it working or not. Working in this context is either  the method that we use in achieve the objective or not.

This is some planning for doing the teaching aids material in the classroom. untill we see again in the next post..hehe..;p